Barclays banking using Siri and Touch ID

Hello all,

I am trying to find a solution to a problem for a friend of mine who is visually impaired. She uses her iphone 7 with Siri as she can't see the screen and I am trying to set her up to access her banking via the Barclays app (already installed and working) to then be activated by Siri (I know that this is possible.)

The trouble is that in order to use the Barclays app using Siri, you need to set up Touch ID so that the app can verify it's her. BUT, when TouchID is activated I understand that the passcode is also activated and this is a massive problem because she can't see the screen to enter the passcode. So she is then locked out pf her phone until someone else can unlock it again. Normally she has passcode and Touch ID disabled for this very reason - she needs to be able to access the phone without entering a passcode.

Has anyone found a way round this? Is there a way to disable the passcode feature but still use the Tocuh ID feature? Any help with this gratefully recieved!



HI Kate.

I'd recommend your friend tries voiceover or the zoom feature in the accessibility settings.

I use barclays and it works fine with voiceover, it should work fine wiht zoom too.

Thanks Brad! That's really

Thanks Brad! That's really useful. So would that mean she is able to enter a passcode without having to look at the screen?

Hi, If your friend uses

Hi, If your friend uses voiceover, she will have full access to the entire operating system of the phone. I am totally blind and I am able to use all of the features my Apple products have to offer. Also, if your friend uses voiceover, she will be able to set up face or touch ID which means she won't have to enter a pass code all the time and she will be able to use it to sign into her banking app. I am in the UK and use the Halifax banking app completely independently with voiceover.


It might be a bit fiddley to begin with but she can do it, she'll have to double tap each number and you can go from the top left if you need to, so let's say it's 1 2 3 4 5, you can do the keypad thing where you tap where you think 1 would be and go from there, or you can swipe through the numbers.