Alternative to ZoomText for Mac?

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Is there a solid alternative to Zoom text for Mac? I am having a horrible time with the dismal options built in. I need to make the typing cursor thicker (not the mouse, which Mac insists is the cursor. No!) and the text-to-speech options are awful. You have extremely limited options for tracking and highlighting, the controls are clunky, and as far as shortcuts, I don't know what the start and stop are for speech. I guessed and got it to stop but it's not obvious.

ZoomText is no longer made for Mac and the oooooold version I have (the Ai Squared version!) no longer works on my Mac.



Submitted by dog on Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Voiceover is I think the only way that I know.
Don’t know if there’s a way to have a thicker typing cursor.

You can use additional apps like a Vimac to select links, and Talon to zoom and also to use your voice as commands and to dictate.

Price: botH free.