Accessibility for visually impaired people on Mac

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Hi all!
I have some questions related to accessibility for visually impaired people on Mac. My friend is going to buy a MacBook. She is going to use both Voiceover and residual vision. She wants to learn more about some aspects.
1. Are there some good features for visually impaired people on Mac?
Can you give your subjective opinion on what is better for visually impaired people? IPad or MacBook?
3. What should my friend do if she needs to stay very close to the Laptop to read on it? The keyboard prevents her from staying close to the screen. Would it be a good idea to buy an iPad and a stand instead of a MacBook?



Submitted by Chris Hill on Monday, January 11, 2021

If this person really wants to use her vision, I'd suggest an external monitor or a pc laptop with a 17-inch screen. As far as using Voiceover, unless this person is really great at learning accessibility on her own, she may need training. She needs to find out what is available in her area, much better to learn before throwing a lot of money down on something that just frustrates you.