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Can somebody give me a tip how to navigate the map? I have tested to scroll but after a moment I come to a Place for example "10 fields from freddes fästning". The castle is my castle.



I play celtic tribes, which, at least from what I understand, is essentially the same thing. I used to have both, but it just seemed too redundant. Anyway, I rarely look at the maps; can't figure out how to do anything with them. I do know that a recent update made it so that VO recognizes coordinates as links, but I have yet to figure out the benefit of that information. I just build up my 3 little villages and do missions; that's all I know how to do. If you are able to find out more, please enlighten us. Thanks!

I can try and helpas I

I can try and helpas I managed to navigate to other of my 4 castles.

All you sort of need to do is swipe left and right with 3 fingers and place your finger in the center of the screen. to navigate to your other castles click the one that's yours, then click yoru name and click the castle you want to jump to.

If you are far away then click center on selected castle and you will be placed in the center of your grid square. I hope this helps.

Yes it helps a Little but I

Yes but I can't go so far away from my own castle. I am stuck a Little bit from my own castle there it says that I for example is "10 fields from my own" there it says "Picture" and I can't go any longer. When I swipe voiceover doesn't say anything.


That is because, until you have two or more castles, you can only view those next to yours in the map. When you have two or more castles, you can select the one to focus on with the castle name button next to the Castle Buildings one. After that, go to the map and look, now it should display the closest castles to the focused castle of yours.

Hope this helps!


When that happens chooose

When that happens chooose another tab then choose map. I managed to get about 275 fields away which is where I am because of the number of points I am.

Map Quandry

I did a map mass mail tutorial for other blind gamers on CT on USA 4. Basics are a single finger or a triple finger swipe for navigation. My player name iws Rhudebah1 2 3 4. Contact me in game or here and I will help you where I can.