Looking for some accessible social apps for teens

Hey everyone,
As a blind teenager, I find it difficult to look for accessible social networking apps that my sighted friends use. A lot of my friends are always talking about Snapchat, but as you all know, it isn't accessible with VoiceOver. Does anyone have any suggestions on what apps I should get that other teens may have?


#1 Try face book

Face book is quite accessible

#2 Facebook is also what a lot

Facebook is also what a lot of the middle aged are using now.

It's not as popular with the mainstream as it use to be, at least not with teenagers.

Quite a lot of teens use Kik these days.

It's quite accessible, and unlike most social networking apps, they don't ask for your number.

You use usernames instead.

#3 Already have the above

Thanks! I already have Facebook, Twitter, and kikg. If anyone has any others feel free to share them here.