Looking for a Simple Text Editor that will link with Dropbox

Hi all,

I'm looking for an app which will open a file from Dropbox, allow me to edit it and then save it.

I use Access Note but this isn't suitable on this occasion as the files are shared by several people and are in different locations. I also used to use Droptext but unfortunately I can't get this app to allow me to edit my files anymore.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


#1 Notemaster

App Developer

I use notemaster,
The link below is the lite version,

NoteMaster Lite - Amazing notes synced with Dropbox or Google Drive by Kabuki Vision, LLC

#2 I'm also looking for an app

I'm also looking for an app like this, free by preference.

#3 Notesy

I use notesy, its simple and connects with dropbox. You can then make any corrections on the computer. I don't have its link, but this is what was recommended to me. I use it for my time sheet for my work situation, and it allows me to send it via E-mail, view info about it, and edit it on the phone or from my folder on the PC.