looking for a good app for tracking hurricanes and other tropical weather

Hi all,

I live in Texas only a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico and as such I'm looking for an accessible app that will allow me to keep track of tropical weather as it forms and moves through the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and/or the gulf.

In past years I could do this on the computer since there was a tropical weather page that I got to through the weather underground site, but the weather underground's web site isn't available anymore and although I installed the weather underground app on my phone I haven't found a tropical weather page there.

The page I was looking at before showed a 5 day forecast of where the hurricane center thought the storm was going so I'd like to have something similar to that in an app, but I'll take anything I can get now since I don't have anything to track the storms on my own.



Thanks Casey, I'll check out both of these apps.

Re: My hurricane tracker pro

When I go into the now tab it tells me that there's a storm active in the Atlantic Ocean but I can't tap on it to track it. Is that because it's not a named storm yet? I'm not even sure if it's actually a depression yet, it may still be just a disturbance but the hurricane center is issuing advisories on it since it's so close to land and is supposed to become a storm tomorrow.

The now tab

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Sometimes I have to drag my finger around the screen to tap on the storm. I think sometimes VO isn't able to find it at first. Not sure if I had to restart the app to make it refresh that area.

it's working now

I had closed and reopened the app after I first installed it and was still having the same problems as I was having initially, but this time when I opened it there was a details button and after I hit on that I found several more options.

Thanks again Casey, this will no doubt end up being one of my favorite apps during the hurricane season.

My Hurricane Tracker Pro

Thanks, Casey, for recommending this app. I live on the gulf coast and have downloaded this app.