Looking for a good app for recording

I'm a writer and often record interviews which I later use as the basis of my articles. I need an accessible app that also has forward wind and rewind features. Does anyone have any suggestions, and are there any podcasts on how to use any of these apps?


Hokusai is a great app for

Hokusai is a great app for recording and editing audio; it also has a very helpful help section that explains everything you need to know. The one problem for you may be that it uses very high-quality audio files, which means it's not designed to work with very large files. If your interviews are liable to go half an hour, forty-five minutes, then Hokusai may not be a safe bet for you. But if these are five or ten minute interviews, I'd highly recommend it. (Note: I don't know how long is too long - I haven't worried about finding out. The app's free, so you could always try and see how it works for you.)

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Garage band is a great recording app. Voice memos is a great app too.

I would also use FiRe2 field

I would also use FiRe2 field recorder app. and boss jock works quite well as well. There is also drop vox Note that these are all on IOS.

Re: Looking for a good recording app

I want to thank those of you who sent me responses to my post about needing a recording app. Are there any podcasts on this site that could show me how the apps you mention work? Since most of my interviews last an hour or more, I need a recorderr that can record for long periods.

I recommend clean recorder,

I recommend clean recorder, because if you're in a situation like urine, noise cancellation is going to be very important, especially for transcript Clarete. Smart recorder is another option. I don't recommend GarageBand, because you can't record for long periods of time with it since Is made for recording music. I also don't recommend Hokusai, because it records and uncompressed audio formats. It's great is an audio editor, just like GarageBand is great as musical either, but they're not made for recording like you're talking about. I definitely recommend clean record.

Do you mean ClearRecord?

Ken, Do you mean ClearRecord? I don't know of any app by the name of Clean Recorder. From your description, with the ambient noise reduction capability feature and the ability to record to compressed AAC files, the ClearRecord Premium app would seem the closest match.  There's also a free lite version of the app. Smart Recorder has a voice activated recording feature, and also has a free lite version.

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Thank you all for your help. I plan to check out these apps.