Looking for a Free Podcast-Recording App

I hope I'm doing this right. I would like to post a podcast, but don't know how to do it. Is there any appI can get that lets me do it? I don't have any money so it has to be free.


"if all you can do is free

"if all you can do is free right now, you'll have a bit of a hard time. It doesn't take much to do a podcast, so something like Simplemike or Dropvox could do it, but those are only for simple podcasts. If you just want to podcast yourself talking, try AudioBoom. If you're talking about podcasting to Applevis, then I personally recommend doing that on a decsktop, as I'm not even sure it CAN be done from the iPhone.

If your content is relevant

If your content is relevant do make a recording and folks from AppleVis will try to edit the content accordingly.

You can use dropvox and your device to record your voice and the device itself talking.

If you have a computer you can use the free audacity software to record your podcast but the learning curve is a little big, and you will have trouble capturing your device on your microphone.

The dropvox app isn't free but it is really cheap, like 1 dollar or so .... I recomend that you use it if you want capture your voice and the device also speaking.

Try it and make relevant content and someone will then take care of the rest.

P.S. I am not talking on behalf of AppleVis team but if you take a look at the podcast submission section they say the content is what mathers so I am not talking something new.

If you wish you could use dropvox to record and audacity to edit your stuf and it will work very interestingly.

audio recorder and podcast submition guidelines

Hi Liz:
The podcast guidelines you can find under
Submit Content
under the heading Select Type Of Content To Submit:
Upload Audio for a Podcast
guidelines and tips for submitting podcasts.
however right here is the direct link below
to Valery:
to be honest I do not know if there a free alternative Free Podcast-Recording App
free alternatives
if you have an iPhone you can use
voice memos
voice memos is built by default and GarageBand you could download for free if you bought the iPhone after iOS7 was released.
if you use an iPad voice memos is not include on the system you have to buy one or look for free alternatives.
I tried many free audio recorder apps but each one has issues specially for voiceOver.
Personally I use Record voice memos to dropvox
the price is US$.99
but is fully accessible with voiceOver and easy to use.

You need to go to submit

You need to go to submit content and there look for a link called I want to send a odcast or something like that and here you will find the guidelines.