Looking for Dice World users

I'm looking for people to challenge me on Dice World? Would anyone of you want to play?
Dice World Username: milkshake_tunmi
I'm level 14, almost to level 15.
Games i know how to play are:
Farkle! Bonus
Pig! Bonus
1-4-24! Bonus
Threes! Bonus
Yatzy! Optional


Name changed

Sorry, my username is now

My dice world user name.

Feel free to challenge me as well. My user name is Lisa621 Games I will play are, Farkle, threes, and 1/4/24. I will play either bonus, or non bonus games.

diceWorld username

you can play against me.
My user name is:
I play all games.


Thanks I'll challenge both of you to the games you know how to play.

here it goes!

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Yes, I play dice world.
My user is talksina.
Unfortunately these days I am a bit busy, but you can join me

My user name

Hi, my user name is SalemAndSabrina and I play all games bonus and non bonus.

I like to play

I play dice world! Username is Jacinta1230! Hit me up if you ever need a player!

Dice Worlders beware!

You will be badly beaten if you dare to challenge Charles4209 to any games other than Balot, bonus or nonbonus. You! have! been! warned!!


Hmmm, ok we need proof lol. I'm challenging you, and warning, I've beaten a lot of people who dare challenged me too lol!

I dare you...

Userhane's KevanGC. I play (and usually win at) everything except Balut, so yeah you're probably going to lose. Ha ha

Dice World username

I play Farkle, and Pig I kinda know how to play Yatzy Username is Lipsaremoving13. Feel free to challenge me.

Dice World

I play all games. My user name is: Tim Schwartz

dice world user

FEEL free to challenge me as well. My username is jesse

Dice World User

I'm TeresaPipistrelle if anyone wants to play. I'm also Vegaspipistrelle on Game Center.

Add me

Add me if you would like to play dice world with me I play everything but Ballut my username is hisqueen. I like to meet new people so chat it up as well :)

Dice World

My dice world username is Appleman. I play all games, but no non-bonus ones for me.

Dice World

Haven't seen any comments lately about this, but I play all games, bonus or not. User name is pauljasper and please let me know you found me from this post. Thanks.

my username

My name on Dice World is: Bree Song-flower and I play yatzee, balut, 1, 4, 24 and farkle. I actually play all games. Prefer bonus games.

Love diceworld!

I know that this is a very old topic but thought i'd add my name anyway in case anyone wants to challenge me. II am wit beyond measure on diceworld and also at RSGames. I play all games but bonus only please. feel free to challenge me and I'll feel free to beat you!

dice world

My user name is cjackson102 and I play all games bonus or no bonus.


My username is Nancy987. I play all games except Pig. I also only play bonus games. I look forward to playing any of you.

Dice world

Hello! My name is tniki45 if anyone wants to challenge me, i play everything except balut!


If anyone wants to challenge me my username on Dice World is Dylan.S

My Dice World username

Feel free to challenge me as well. My user name is Lisa621 Games I will play are, Farkle, threes, and 1/4/24. I will play either bonus, or non bonus games.

You can challenge me

I am Crochet Lady on dice world. I play all games, but only with bonus.

Thanks. I will go through

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Thanks. I will go through here and hunt for you people.

As far as I can tell so far, I play Farkle, Yatzy, Threes, and Twenty-Four. I also play bonus games.

all games

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My username is kerby91 and I play all games bonus or otherwise.

i play diceworld

just for your info, i go by HarmonicaPlayer.
when i play diceworld, i will play all games but prefer bonus:) good luck on all who challenges me:)


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Sorry about that. It's kerby962