looking for checklist apps

I am looking for a simple checklist app for iPhone, optionally iPad and Apple Watch.
I would prefer a very simple checklist. I need it to be straight forward and if possible, move or remove the crossed over items.


#1 native reminders

Native reminders are fine. You may add reminders, e.g. open the reminder app, add a reminder, then if you heat enter another text field appears for a new reminder and so on. When you open the app you will find them as unchecked items. You may add additional alerts to inform you at a given time. I have checked other todo apps but they are not fine for me. I have also fantastical 2 for iPhone and i find it nice too. In other case, you may buy or install an app and if it doesn"t suit you you may return it within 14 days. This is a lot as to test usability of the app. Greetings!

#2 wow

Thanks Rafael.
I didn’t know I could make lists in the reminders app but I now see I can. This rocks. I thought I could only set like timed reminders and stuff but now I have a whole checklist of things to bring up with my guardian. Thanks.