Looking for an app to assist with navigating school buildings

Hey guys. Does anyone know of an app where you can place pins on a map in different locations in a building and label them? At my school i need to have this to be able to get from class to class. I'm not sure if i'm explaining this well. So if I wanted to get from the cafeteria to Spanish class, I would go to the cafeteria and put a pin there and label it cafeteria. Then go to Spanish class and put a pin there labeled Spanish c.alass so that I could have a route like between the two pins.


#1 if your talking about a college

If your talking about navigating a university I would recommend blind square. I used it all the time in my university days to find new buildings I had never been to before. I believe an app like that works better then the bread crumb system you mentioned, for most situations at least, but you might try an app called my way light, for such bread crumb navigation.

If your talking about a normal sized high school, or purely inside navigation, I really would recommend not using any apps, other than perhaps, a Compass. Inside travel mainly takes experience to learn the layout of the environment. If your having trouble, perhaps, an orientation and mobility instructor could help. If you don't have access to such an instructor, maybe a friend, teacher, or parent could help you learn the layout of your school.

I hope this helps, good luck.

#2 Bread crumb


There is an app called bread crumb. It allows you to save places and it’s simple. Give it a try.

HTH and good luck.

#3 If you use Blind Square

If you use Blind Square indoors you would have to set up bluetooth beakens. I never tried these and I'm not sure where to get these or how to set them up. I know this is an option though.

#4 Thank you guys. I will try

Thank you guys. I will try out Myway light. I looked up breadcrumb in the App Store but I found lots of results, can the person who recommended this please post a link?