looking for Accessible popular games

Does anyone know of any games that sighted players are playing right now and are accessible for blind people to play? I'm trying to find games that are popular so I can play with my friends. Any suggestions?



Well a semi popular one is hanging with friends. I think it used to be a lot more popular than it is now, but it still carries some weight. Another game that is catching attention from both blind and cited players is trivia crack. I could name you a lot of other card and dice games but I don't know how popular they are. Are you looking for really popular games or just games that can be played by blind and cited?

Popular games

I'm looking for the really popular games that you would find sighted players playing today. I a already have trivia crack, but I am looking for more games to install. Do u have any suggestions?

There are a few options. The

There are a few options. The one many people use is DiceWourld. In this app, you have six games you can play. Some of these games are, Farkel, three's, Pig, etc.