Limited Volume On Music/Audio Books

Hi. I'm using the latest IOS8.4 on an iPhone 5S. Despite having my music and audio book apps set to 100% volume, I often find that the actual volume is very low. If I then use SIRI, for example, the volume level of my music etc is suddenly perceptably higher. Additionally, if I triple tapp the Home button, to unload Voiceover, my music plays at full volume. Has anyone experienced issues like this? Perhaps there is an issue with the audio ducking features of Voiceover, that has the ducking active when it should not be? Most of the time, Voiceover is way louder than my music or audio book content. Any thoughts?


Re: Limited Volume On Music/Audio Books

I have a couple of thoughts for you.

First, I believe that there is a known issue of Audio Ducking having some sort of a bug. Uncertain as to the details but I think it still does interphere with volume settings.

Second, I find that a simple reboot of the device will resolve volume control problems, especially if you go between using and not using a Bluetooth enabled speaker system. I don't know why the volume gets confused when going between the two uses but a simple reboot always resolves my issues.


Not necessary to completely reboot

Hi! I've had similar volume issues to those described above, and I'm also pretty sure they are caused by the audio-ducking bug. However, there's no need to completely reboot your device if this volume problem occurs. I've found two ways of dealing with it. As I have audio-ducking in my VoiceOver rotor, I can toggle it off and then on again to sort the volume out. Alternatively, if I turn VoiceOver off, then turn it on again after a couple of seconds, I find the volume works right after VO has been started again.