Land of Livia chat

This thread is to get people interested in land of Livia again.
This thread will be to discuss campfires, lore researching and Jem cutting, and overall game play.
This thread can also be used for suggestions to improve the game.



I love this game. I haven't come very far now but it is awesome. I have the free prelude and the first chapter. Planning on getting the second chapter soon. I don't talk much to others on there. I prefer to just play. Don't need to talk to everyone. I haven't managed to do any gem cutting so don't know what that is like and haven't found a single gem yet. I really love that this developer kind of worked to make the game accessible for us. It wasn't fully accessible to begin with, but now it is. Will see if I will go on the camp fire someday. I am playing all the time.

I’m mad!!!

I had three lore excerpts and I failed the researching so I lost them! I’m extremely mad!!! It took me so long to get them!!!


That sucks. I hate when such things happen. I had to get a new phone and the app did not backup so I had to start all over. I am Sasha there.

The exact details

I was at the battered knife, and was doing one of the quests there. before I got there, I already had 2 lore fragments and 2 lore excerpts. I finished questing and discovered that I found another fragment. I did the research for the three fragments, and it worked. The fragments gave me another excerpt, and I did research for those. I failed researching, and that’s why I lost my excerpts. I was so close!!!


Better luck next time, Friend.

a question

must i pay to complete the other chapters?


The two chapters are payed and filled with good content. I have a friend cwho plays this and she says it is awesome. But I only have the free prelude and the first chapter.