Is it possible to buy a Macbook Air as of 2018?

Hi. I have been a windows user for many years, but I have recently got the chance to play with a mac and have been amazed at the abilities of voiceover on the OS. I know that there have been many changes to the macbook lineup in the last few years, such as new keyboards, touch bar, and the removal of ports. I was wondering if as of 2018, it is still possible to get a macbook air 13 inch? If I did get a mac, I would be using it for general computing tasks, such as word processing, web browsing, etc. Thanks.


#1 Yes it is

Yes you can still buy the macbook air. However there are rumours that it will be getting a refresh sometime in the third quarter of this year. It will probably be around the same time as the new iPhones.

Greg Wocher

#2 thanks

thanks, when would the third quarter be?

#3 September or October

I believe the third quarter starts either next month or in october. I know the new iPhones will be announced next month usually around the second Tuesday.