Issues with Using Seeing Eye GPS While the Screen is Locked

Good afternoon,
I am using a trial version of the Seeing Eye GPS. I can not get this app to work properly when the screen is locked.
The app will speak for a few minutes and then I get nothing until I unlock the screen. Does anyone have any ideas as to a fix? I have emailed Sendero but have not heard back yet.
Thanks very much.


#1 the best solution

I suggest getting Nearby Explorer for this very reason. It works perfectly with the screen locked. This is an issue, and always has been, with the app you are using.

#2 GPS

Thanks for your helpful reply. I'd love to get my hands on Nearby Explorer. I have a 16gb iPhone SE and I don't have enough storage. Will Blind Square work well when screen is locked?
To all, good evening.

#3 Known issue

After corresponding with Sendero about it, I have discovered that the problems with using Seeing Eye while the screen is locked are a known issue, and should be fixed with the next version that is coming out in the next week or so. That being said, I have spent the past couple of weeks testing Seeing Eye, Nearby Explorer, overTHERE and BlindSquare, and of the first two have been much more impressed with Nearby Explorer. Also the folks at APH who are working on it are extremely responsive to suggestions.