Issues with Siri Not Responding After I Talk to it

Every time I hold down the home button on my iPhone to talk to Siri, Siri doesn't respond. Ive been using siri very well till siri started acting up about a month ago. And yes, my airplane mode is switched off and my cellular data is switched on each time i try using siri. Can anyone help?? Thanks in advance.


here's something else to try


Here's something else you can try. In Siri's settings, there's a setting to give verbal feedback. I can't think of how this may have gotten switched, but I'm thinking this could be it. Go to Siri's settings, then go to something that says always give verbal feedback, or something along those lines, and switch it to always.

Also, I'm sure you may have tried this already, but just turn the device off/on again. But based on your symptoms, I'd say that setting got changed. Good luck and hope this helps.

Data connection


I know you said AP mode is off and cellular is on. Does this only occur while on cellular? In some places, signal may be great for voice calls but data is bad or doesn’t exist.

Next time this occurs, open Safari and go to Does the page load with the current date and time?

What device are you using and who is the cellular provider?

HTH and good luck.

Siri not responding

When my Siri is not on speaking terms (Hahaha), a lot of times, if I turn the phone completely off for a minute or so, then power it back on, Siri starts working. Just another something to try.

Considering restoring my iPhone 5c

Thanks everyone for your kind response, but i have tried everything, still, siri won't work. I'm considering restoring my iPhone; hopefully siri would work fine again.

Try resetting all settings

I, along with somebody else here in Australia, experienced this same issue around 6 weeks ago. After remembering they had been advised to reset their iPhone back to default settings, I tried the same and Siri has been working for me ever since. Go to settings, General, Reset all Settings. Good luck.


This is a simple suggestion, but sometimes...

It's possible the Siri volume is turned way down. Try calling up Siri and then while she should be speaking, press the volume up button several times.

Siri Sucks

I have had this issue also. On a perfectly good Wifi connection. At the end of the day Siri sucks, and is unreliable. Go search for issues on this just on Google, and you will see several threads on this same thing with sighted people. I wouldn't reset your phone unless your having other issues, because at the end of the day it's probably just Siri or Apple's servers or something. Mine has been working okay today, but on the 4th of July I could not get it to give me a baseball score.

Probably testing

Might be upgrading for new siri in ios11, which I've got and did think it was because it was beta, good to hear that she's not talking to you either. I don't like her anymore.



Not trying to be disrespectful but are you sure it’s the device and not what you’ve done so far?

We’re trying to help you but instead of providing step by step of what you’ve done, you simply said you’ve done it all and that you will try resetting the settings.

Have you tried, for example, connecting your device to your PC or Mac, perform a factory restore and set it up as a new device?

What I’ve found out over the years is someone that says they’ve done everything without listing what they have done, in reality haven’t done much.

HTH and good luck.