issues with apple ibooks

Hey Everyone.
has anyone experienced the ibooks app crashing on their iPhone with ios 13.?
it only started happening today so I would be curious to know if anyone has had or is having similar issues?
if you have, could you please let me know and if you know how to get this resolved without having to update, that would also be greatly appreciated.


update is the only way

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updating is the only way to fix this, short of emailing Then, sign upper the apple beta software program. With updates, come bug fixees and performance improvements. It is a good idea to be running the latest software and update as soon as new software is available, especially with iOS, as it has been, and probably, buggy in some areas, according to other threads on this site.

thank you

Hello. Thank you for your reply. My phone somehow fixd it self.
I charged it overnight and it was working normally again when I opened Ibooks this morning
Thanks again for your help.