Issue with two Facebook on dock on iPad

I have a problem in dock on my iPad. Somehow I have two Facebook on my dock and I cannot remove any of them. I have tried a lot of things like settings, erasing the app and stuff but I cannot get rid of the other Facebook.


#1 So when you delete the

So when you delete the Facebook app, then tap the one that's still there, what happens?

#2 nothing

Nothing happens when I double tap the ghost FB. And it does take up space on my dock. I redownloaded the app again and still the same.

#3 I presume you tried rebooting

I presume you tried rebooting after you deleted the app?

The only other thing I can think of is reset homescreen layout, although that'd mean you'd have to move all your apps to where they belonged again, Urgh!q11

#4 Finally

_Okay, I don’t know what did it but the other facebook disappeared after reseting home screen. That was wasting a space on my dock and now it is gone. It apparently just vanished when I did this.