Issue with Spotify


I've got a strange phenomenon in Spotify on my iphone.

I open a saved album, no playlist and start navigating from top to bottom, so it works well. When all songs begin to be listed in the album, Voiceover jumps from song 1 to song 2, but then jumps off to song 6, for example, and then continues as the rest of the album. I asked a sight watching the screen and all the songs are visible. I have tried to reinstall Spotify but it does not change anything.

Is there anyone else who has been out for the same thing and have some tips on what I can do?


this first happened to me with the global top 50 playlist.

I believe this has something to do with how Spotify scrolls the screen. This issue does not happen if you're playing the songs in the playlist. As in if you're playing along with the playlist and you are play song number five and you're looking for some number seven you'll not have a problem. If you want to look for song number 20 you'll start skipping around. This issue was introduced as of one or two versions ago. I thought I might be the only one who has it.

Yes and not sure of a great workaround

Hello, I see this, and try exploring the screen by dragging a finger down. However, inevitably you reach the bottom, scroll up with 3 fingers and miss a song or 2. You then have to flick back with 1 finger. Because this is so hard to pin down, I'm not sure how to report it to them for replication, so I've just grown used to fighting with it for so long. Wish I could be of more help.