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Hello there,

It's hard for me to put my mp3 from my PC to my iPhone 7 using iTunes for windows because of accessibility issue, I'm using windows 10 with NVDA installed. I have ten thousand mp3 on my PC that I want to put in my iPhone.
My question is, is there another way to put my mp3 using wired syncing and not wirelessly? I preferred wired syncing because thousand of songs will take more time and data to consume on this process.



Here are my suggestions

Hi taichong,
I do not see any major accessibility issues with NVDA and iTunes. Make sure to update both NVDA and iTunes to the latest versions because a crutial issue, where NVDA read nothing as soon as the program was opened, was fixed a while ago.
There are two options I would recommend you for copying music to your iPhone; first, connect your device to your computer through the cable that came with it. Next, open iTunes and navigate with the tab key until you find "iPhone button" and click it. After that, navigate to the device sidebar found within that menu, and use the up and down arrows to change between summery, music, movies, photos, books, and so on. Highlight music and navigate with tab until you find a setting that says "sink music to this iPhone". Make sure that it is checked. All you need to do now is to go to the music folder of your computer where you'll find a folder called iTunes, with many subfolders. Find iTunes media and open it. You will find a folder called "automatically add to iTunes". If you want to copy music to your iPhone from now, simply paste all the tracks to this location, and each time you connect your iPhone to your PC, the tracks will be copied to your device.
If you don't want to use the built-in music app of your iPhone, I would recommend you use VLC media player. All you need to do is to install the application onto your device, connect it to your PC, open iTunes, go to file sharing, find VLC among the list of apps that can share content between your computer and iPhone, select VLC, and then click add files. All the audio or video files will be added to your iPhone and you can find them by opening the application. You can organise the files by folders as well.
Hope this all helps.

some of the music can't be copy.

Thanks for the help, The first step you provide are much more convenient than I know.
But why some of the music I copied from my PC can't be move to my iPhone? It says 'some of the music can't be copy because it cannot be played to your iPhone'
This is only mp3 files that I download in youtube. Am I missing something?


iTunes sync


Is there a way to play the music content in my iPhone by folder and not continuously? Why some of my mp3 can't be move to my iPhone using itunes sync.

just a guess

i'm not sure how much space your iPhone has, but some of the tracks maybee are not sinking because you don't have enough storage? just a guess though. mp3 files play fine on the music app, lack of storage is the only think I can think of that may be causing not all of your music to sink. Hth

Re: some of the music can't be copied

To be honest, I have never encountered this issue before. There could be something with mp3 tags, or the files are corrupt, or you might not have enough storage which I doubt is true.
Anyway, there is another way of putting music to your iPhone, and that is manually. You will find it in the music sidebar where we went last time to check "sink music to this iPhone". Further down you will find "manually sink music to this iPhone".
Structuring the music by folder, as far as I know, is impossible.



I can explain like this,

I will put 100 tracks of mp3 which is from youtube download to folder automatically add to iTunes. But when I see my iTunes library it counts only 96 tracks, and when I see the folder automatically add to iTunes which is in itunes media folder there is another folder name 'not added', inside that folder the tracks not exactly put to my iPhone.
when I start to sync manually the iTunes only puts 94 tracks to my iPhone.
Why that's happen? Is there any way to solve this? Any suggestion are much appreciated.