iPhone 6S email notification

I have Apple iPhone 6S
How do I set the email notification, so that it makes a sound when an email is sent to my server.

Presently, I have set the following:
Settings >Notifications >Mail >Allow Notifications ON >Show in Notification Center ON >Badge App Icon ON >Show on Lock Screen ON >Alert Style when Unlocked: Alerts - Checked And yes, I have the Sound already set from the Sounds option.

When someone sends me email I am never notified by a sound. So - From the bottom of the Home screen, when I click on the "mail" option, (NOT gmail app icon), and then I get the sound. Quite useless, as I want to be notified by sound when I have email in Locked Screen.

The "Fetch" is set for 15 minutes. Unacceptable. I want to be notified, by a sound, when someone sends me email.

Any help will be sincerely appreciated.



#1 Question

What app are you using for your mail?

#2 I am using the "Mail" app

I am using the "Mail" app that came with the Apple iPhone 6S


#3 Sync settings

What are your sync settings? Services like GMail, for example, require you to change the default sync setting from "push" to a schedule to pull mail. This is because they do not properly support the protocol known as iMap Idle. Other protocols, like Exchange, do not require a schedule. If you fail to make this change, you will not be automatically notified of new mail.

#4 I apologize but I do not know

I apologize but I do not know what you mean when you say, "What are your sync settings?" My email server is Great Plains Communications. I must say at this point, I AM NOTIFIED when I get gMail. All I ever get on gMail is spam from web sites that require registration. All my friends, family, etc., send me email via Great Plains Communications.Thank you, so far, for your help.