IPhone 6 Plus Thoughts: I! am bl'loan? away!

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Well guys,

I finally did it! I went out today and upgraded my IPhone 5S 32GB Gold to a Space Gray 128GB IPhone 6 Plus!

I was admittedly a bit sceptical at first. After all the things I've heard about the 6 and 6 plus bending... I was really concerned. Granted, I'm quite gental with my mobile devices, but I really didn't like what I'd been hearing about how easy they could break. I went into an AT&T store however and looked at one. The first thing which really attracted me was just how classy the 6 Plus looks in general. It's a really really nice feel/look for those of you who haven't yet gotten to see one.

You all were not kidding about the phone being much much bigger significantly than my 5S! At first, I thought I'd find it a bit too! big, but the more that I'm using it, the more I'm actually growing to really, really! like that extra bit of real estate.

As for the Alex voice, yeah, I know I could get 'em on my 5S, and believe me, I have done so, but man, Wow! Goodness! Gr'racious! he sounds good on the 6 Plus! I'm very impressed. I also can't get over how responsive Voiceover seems to be. Simply incredible!

Did they increase the ram/processor from the 5S to the 6 Plus? They must have, significantly, as over all, I'm noticing that things in general seem to be far more smoothe, not to mention more stable. I'm having far less crashes than before, I'll sure tell you that!

Even Siri seems to be a little bit more clear. I'm not sure with the female Nicki voice if they just changed her inflection a bit on the 6 and 6 plus, or if it's over all just more clear.

Some of you might know that I have a teeny little bit of vision. Not much, but definitely a small amount. I noticed that the screen on the 6 Plus is way! way way sharper. And that's saying something, seeing that normally, I don't really care that much about the screen quality of things. This however is absolutely stunning! The first time I brought up a picture of one of my friends that I took about a year ago, I immediately could see a huge difference! I wouldn't call it night and day difference, no, but it's definitely very noticeable.

As for the internal speaker, I was incredibly impressed already with the 5S, but when I heard the sound, and the volume of the 6 Plus, I was absolutely taken aback! Even my mother was just like... Holy! Sh**! I put a song by a contemporary Christian artist, one of my favorites, Chris Rice: Deep Enough to Dream, through the speaker, and almost hit the roof! For an internal speaker on a mobile device, especially a mobile phone, and remember, this is coming from a professional musician/audio engineer who uses ProTools on a daily basis... even for me, I'd say the sound is earthshattering! By far, this is the best sound that I ever have heard in my life! from a mobile device.

In conclusion, I am so glad I did this! Apple has disappointed me a few times before in some respects, but definitely not this time! I'm actually eating crow right now terribly! This guy is freaking amazing! How about other IPhone 6 Plus users? Do you all echo these same opinions?


iPhone 6 plus

I just got mine today as well. to answer your question regarding ram, the iPhone plus still has 1 gig of ram, same as the 5S. Improvements to speed and responsiveness may stem from having an A8 processor instead of an a7 found in the 5S. I also noticed that turning up the volume on the 6 plus seems to be more improved as well. I cannot tell you how incredibly frustrating it was for me having the volume turned up, and voiceover becoming choppy and distorted on the 5S. As for the speaker on the iPhone 6 plus, I agree it sounds much better. It kind of sounds like the speakers which existed on the 4s. A pitty they didn't include them in the 5 and 5S.

I have had mine for some time

I have had mine for some time, and I couldn't agree more! I absolutely love it!

Alex is clear, Siri is very responsive, and the size really isn't too big.

If yu have hands like mine it

If yu have hands like mine it's way too big. Mine are piano hands that can hardly use a 5. The 6 might work but I held the 6 plus and I could not even use it it was too big. I like the battery length you can get on it, but I really don't know.

My View

Hi. I had purchased this phone on contract just before Christmas and I felt the same way as I like you have residual vision. I enjoy the larger screen and yes I had concerns about the phone bending as I purchased this device straight after the story broke about the reported 9 phones that had bent. I have a nice soft plastic cover and a screenprotector fitted and I haven't had any issues with the phone bending out of shape. The phone seems to be quite solid and doesn't feel like it would bend easily! I like the larger screen for Youtube and the BBC iPlayer as we now can get audio description and watching tv programs is now much more enjoyable on the iPlayer. I do like to look at the screen when reading e-mails as I can see the body of the main text so I can swipe down with 2 fingers in the right area instead of looking for it with Voiceover. This phone will do me for a couple of years as I wouldn't want a larger phone as there are larger phones available like the Google Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I'm an Andoid user as well and I had to choose between those phones and the iPhone 6 Plus. I went for the iPhone because of the BlindSquare app and there wasn't anything like it on Android unless you live in the US and you can get Near By Explorer on Android devices. Anyway I'm pleased with the battery life as the bigger battery makes this phone last the whole day and I still have around 40% remaining and I'm a heavy user of the device.

My wife and I just switched.

My wife and I just switched. She got the plus, and was loving it, but with a case, it was just too big for her, she's got pretty short fingers. I've got big hands, and it's pretty big for me too.
But you do get use to it, right now I've got a junky case that she got from TMobile, hopefully she didn't spend any money on it. When I had the 6, I got the insignia case from best buy, which is super thin, and very nice feeling. It made the feel great in the hand.
I'll have to pick one up for the plus.
The speaker and battery life are excelent! I do miss the comfortable way the 5S fit in my hand, but I love the rounded smoothness of the plus even though it does feel a bit weaponish, the 6 feels more elegant. The plus is like one of those female volley ball players, great to look at, feel nice in the hand if a little unweildly, and slightly dangerous.

Loving the iPhone 6 for sure

I can't add much to this accept to say that I used to have an iPhone 5 with iOS 8, and when I got the 6 I had to install iOS 8 on it, which I did and I noticed a significant increase in performance. Apple usually optimizes their operating systems for the latest and greatest operating system, so that's probably why a lot of people have different experiences. Things are different if you're running iOS 8 on something like a 4s, as opposed to a 6. So if any of you guys are due for an upgrade of your iOS device, definitely go for a 6 or a 6 plus whichever you prefer. I went for the 6 and to me it's a real winner.


I was disappointed that there is still a single speaker on the 6 plus. there is clearly enough room for two speakers. the other thing and this does not affect VO users is the screen size. Apple has obviously not built IOS 8 for the bigger screen. An example for this is viewing an app and having extra real estate and the app in question simply does not take advantage of the larger screen. As described by a sighted friend of mine, its just a blown up iPhone 6 and the image is far from pleasing. Clearly, android is more optimized for a larger screen and does a better job of taking advantage of a larger screen.

iPhone 6

Good that you like it. I have the 6 and love it. I use otterbox for it and have no problems. Sure we are going to have problem sometimes but with new technology, who does not. Nothing is perfect in this universe. So welcome to the apple force may the apple be with you.

my iPhone 6 plus

well, i also just got mine two days ago, and love the way it sounds as well. for those who haven't gotten to use apple pay yet with voiceover, let me tell you just how easy it is to use. just hold your phone near a point of sales terminal with an NFC reader with your finger on the home button, and if your card is setup to use apple pay, a edit box will pop up with your info in it, just keep your phone near the reader with your finger on the home buttton, and after a second or two, your phone will vibrate and beep to let you know your payment has gone through and was approved. i used it twice at mcdonalds yesterday, and will probably do it again tomorrow, it's sad that some stores won't take off with apple pay, because I believe as a blind person, this is the absolute best system for credit card users and it eliminates the hassle of us having to take out a card and show it to someone we don't know, or worse giving a pin number to a stranger.

Actually I avoid the pin

Actually I avoid the pin thing intirely by using credit. This way all I do is just sign my name. And nne of the stors I go to here have touch screen terminals at check out so I'm very lucky. I can't wait to check out apple pay and hope to find a store with it as all of the stors here are oging with curence

iPhone 6Plus

If I want to upgrade my 5s, I'd rather go for 6 and not for 6Plus for sure. Since I was told it's lengthier and will surely pop out of my shirt pocket. I got a practice of keeping my phones on my shirt pocket so surely no 6Plus for me. I believe 6 has also got A8 processor?


the processors in both phones are the same. If you value longer battery life, a higher quality screen resolution and do a lot of photography or take videos, you would enjoy having an OIS [Optical image stabilization] as found in the 6 plus.

Tha'ts true I do a lot of

Tha'ts true I do a lot of video and photoes but not enough to warent that kind of stuff.Plus again it's way too big for my hands to use. Lol! I think I'll still go with the 6 as I was very comfortable playing with that at a store once.

Take care yall.

I got the 6 a few

Hi. I got the 6 a few weeks ago and I love it!!!! It's so much faster then my iPhone 4s.

5s vs. 6 plus

most of you don't know, but the 5s was my first delve into smart phones. I was due an upgrade so tried it for two weeks. I was sorely disappointed with the sound. I could not hear it well at all thru the internal speaker. when I got the 6 plus, I was so much happier with the sound. In my personal opinion, battery life sucks on both devices. Now with the jailbreaking, I can tell when I am typing letters on my phone using Haptic feedback . this was a major sticking point on if I was even gonna stick with a smartphone. If I couldn't tell any time I was typing something, then no way in hell was I keeping this device. Another issue I had with both the 5S and 6 plus was the fact that I couldn't understand VO very well with headphones. Again, thanks to the use of Jailbreaking and Equalizer everywhere I can now boost the mids and highs the way I need them system wide. oh yeah! one excellent thing? the com pilot! this means that now I don't have to use the tellicoil on my hearing aids to make phone calls. the pilot is Bluetooth audio and lets the call be heard in both ears. Couldn't do that before the 6 plus either. All and all because of the use of jailbreaking, I am happy with the 6 Plus. I have an extendor case to help out with battery life issues, I can EQ the phone as I need, Haptech feedback means I can type on my phone and get feedback to know when I am inputting a letter, and the com pilot makes the phone work with hearing aids.

Battery life

There's a teacher on youtube named David A Cox, he has a vid named Improved battery life in IOS 8. His suggestions have really improved my battery. I have a iPhone 6 & i am loving it.