iPhone 4S Wifi problem

Hello, I am having a problem with my iPhone 4S as of a few days ago. I cannot connect to any website at all, but my phone says that I am connected to my wireless network. VoiceOver indecates that I have three out of three bars, but when I try to go to a website such as Apple Vis, it takes very long to load or does not load at all. All other devices on the network work just fine. I have tried doing various things to fix it. I have reset the router an motom, Tried to change my SSID, changed the security setting. On my phone, reset my network settings, and did a factory reset twice. The first factory reset I tried was doing a backup, and the second is setting up my phone as a new iPhone. Has anybody experienced this problem? Could I have a bad wireless chipset? I am going to take the phone to Best Buy tomorrow and have them send it out to apple and have them look at it. However, 3G works great. Any help would be appreciated


Problem solved

Hello, I wanted to let everybody know that my phone is good afterall. The problem turned out to be my router. I tried a few iPhones on the old router, and it had the same results. It was very slow to connect. Glad I did not have to buy a new phone!