iOS8.0.2 Unable to Connect Original and Mini Jambox

Is this a known bug? I have rebooted my iPhone 6 and have powered down the speakers. I do have other paired devices in the device list, but all of these devices were added to the list prior to iOS8. When bluetooth is turned on, iPhone 6 says that it is in discovery mode, my previous devices are shown, and under the heading where newly discovered devices would normally appear it simply says "in Progress".
Any thoughts or work arounds would be appreciated.


#1 Bluetooth!

Unfortunately a well known bug. This is affecting many. Apple is aware of the issue which is not accessibility related. I hate to tell you, no good work around. A reset of settings didnt help.

#2 possible sollution.

Hi. Try turning Bluetooth off, and then wait a few seconds to make sure it's off and then turn it on again. I had a similar issue with a Bluetooth keyboard suddenly becoming unresponsive, and that fixed it. Try that, and see if that works.

#3 jambox issue of my own

Someone must of read my mind because I was going to post something similar. My issue is with the 4s, my jambox will connect, but sometimes the volume is so low that I have to turn my jambox to the max volume to even hear it. What I've found that works when I run into this issue at least is and this probably won't work for those who can't pair it at all but I have to go into the more info of jambox and have my phone forget device and then pair it again holding the on off switch in the up posission until the jambox says "jambox is in pairing mode." and then I swipe to jambox again where vo says jambox not connected and double tap until jambox says "jambox paired."

#4 Thanks for Comments

Hopefully since the problem is not accessibility related, it might be fixed more quickly. A friend of mine is scheduled to receive a big jambox today, and I will report if he has similar problems. It is my understanding, however, that with many of the bugs, they are intermittent and may not affect all users. I imagine that makes the bug even more difficult to squash!

#5 Still Not recognizing jambox in device list under iOS8.1

Still cannot pair either my original or mini jambox. The jambox continues not to be shown in the device list for pairing. I have had friends who have paired their jamboxes under 8.1 without difficulty. Is this just one of those pesty bugs which isn't consistent? The most difficult to fix as a result? I would be interested in your experience or any work arounds. I did try Tunehead's suggestion, but it did not work. I have not had trouble pairing keyboards, headsets -- just the jamboxes.

#6 RE: iOS8.0.2 Unable to Connect Original and Mini Jambox

I use iPhone 5, iOS 8.1, and have a big jambox. I have had no issues. I would suggest a couple of things, assuming you haven't already completed them.

First, reset your phone with power button and home button held down for a few seconds. Then make sure jambox is off before phone comes back around.

After phone is back look at Bluetooth settings to ensure it looks as you expect. Then power up jambox.

These are the steps that I would try.

A couple of times while using 7 point something my jambox lost it's grip on pairing so I essentially did the above and resolved it without further issue.