Zoom video conferencing on iPHONE, some problems

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I use the zoom video conferencing program extensively on my computer for my job now that I'm working from home. But when I try to use it on my iPHONE, the audio volume is very low and I cannot hear VoiceOver at all, even if I turn up the VoiceOver volume to 100%
As soon as I close Zoom, both volumes are back at 100%.

This afternoon, because I could not hear VoiceOver I had to ask my sighted husband to turn my video on.

Normally I can just video-conference on my computer, but I'm taking a P.E. class where they have to see me exercising and for that I need to use my iPHONE's camera so I can move it around.

I need to figure out how to operate zoom on my phone without needing my husband all the time! Does anyone have tips?



Submitted by Jo on Saturday, April 25, 2020

I am also having problems with VoiceOver audio being very low during a Zoom meeting. The only solution I have found is to wear a blue tooth earpiece or headset. I think it's only happened since the last update to Zoom. I would also welcome any solutions, such as changing some setting or something. Thanks.

Submitted by Lee on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hi Deborah,
Firstly, I find in the main Zoom on the phone is accessible. Before I mention volume it maybe worth you clicking the settings tab at the bottom and in there you can make default setting changes. So, you can for example always start the app muted. Or, have the video on or off. This would help you as it would always start when you open the meeting etc. Now VO sometimes has focus issues which means once in a meeting it can be hard occasionally to get to the meeting controls. Re volume do you have the rota volume setting set up? If not go to rota settings then add volume. Once in a meeting use the rota to get to volume then flick up to increase volume by 5% each flick. You may have issues getting there as vo and rota in meeting is a tad hit and miss. However, if you can use the rota to get there it should increase the volume.

Submitted by Chris on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Try wearing headphones. My experience has been that the audio comes out of the earpiece until you switch it to speakerphone. This may be why the volume is so low. Wearing headphones will let you hear VoiceOver and the Zoom audio. You should be able to switch the phone to use the speaker and then you can disconnect your headphones if you wish.