Zello switching phone audio to earpiece?

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I am not having this problem, but my dad is. We both have iPhone 4S phones. Ever since a few updates ago, whenever he launches Zellow, it switches phone audio to the earpiece. In order to return to using the speaker, he has to go into the Phone app and make a call. Like I said, I'm not having this problem. He's tried all the normal things, exiting all apps in the app switcher, powering down, etc. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Saturday, July 21, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
I know this doesn't fix the problem but one thing he can do is the following. When you launch your Zello and if it goes to the ear piece. Go in to the AppleVis Channel and double tap on the Speaker button. This should pop you out of the ear piece mode. I'm not sure why this is happening to you all the time. Something I would certainly report to the developer if you have the time. I'm sure they could either assist you in something we are missing or it may be a bug they need to know about. Hope this helps you out.