zag blue tooth folio on ipad air 2

iOS & iPadOS

Hi, just purchased an ipad air 2 and a zag folio blue tooth case. When I use the keyboard, I have a couple of things I'd like to ask about. I have to press two of the arrow keys to open an app or the settings menu instead of the enter or another function. Is this normal? The other question is when I open a settings menu on the device and then select something like general, I have to scroll to the right over and over again and go through all of the wifi and such before reaching the general settings again. Lastly, if I scroll using the left arrow it moves through all kinds of stuff, like numbers and imovie! Some help would greatly appreciated if there is some tweaking to the ipad air 2, and the last thing I forgot to ask, should I lock the device in horizontal or lanscape or not at all