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Hello. This post is regarding my quest to find the perfect YouTube app And surprisingly enough, the winner is the YouTube app made by Google. I tried two other ones, Youplayer and McToube. Both were great apps, but here is some reasons why I chose the original YouTube app. For one, YouPlayer has some bugs that are not workable Like for example when you go to search for things, the app crashes and you have to go back into it. That one in particular drove me off-the-wall. And as for Mc two, the accessibility used to be great. However, it has declined in recent updates and now is not the best anymore So as a result I chose the original YouTube app. As for the YouTube app itself, I remember thinking when I first got it after Apple deleted their old YouTube app that I would never use it and this app sucked. However I have to give a huge credit to Google. They really turned up around completely accessible now and let's not Forget about the voice search. Another up bug that I experienced with the other two apps was that it would not let me sign into my account whereas the original YouTube app does. So this forum post is asking you a question. Which app do you use for YouTube? Thanks Justin



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Hello Justin, Must agree that YouTube is better and easier for me to use. At first I loved the McTube because it allowed you to download a variety of videos and play them back in areas where I didn't want to consume data. However, as you had stated the McTube has really gone down the tube. No Pun intended. ;) So I had started to use YouPlayer because back then the YouTube had some really quirky menus. However, I'm not certain but in with the latest version of the YouPlayer that I have doesn't crash at all when I do a Search. Odd? They have some unique featues such as parental controls if those parents that are concerned in where your kids are surfing. So in some ways it is rather different. Overall, I must agree with you. What YouTube client do I use more often? It is the native YouTube app. Those that continue not to like the native YouTube app then I highly suggest the YouPlayer. The best part is that YouTube is FREE.