Youtube app on IOS 14 Iphone XR

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Hi there, since late last year after a Youtube Ios App update, I have been batttling to navigate youtube easily with Voiceover. You have to swipe up with two fingers to get to the Search option, but since update keyboard doesn't seem wto work. Also skipping ads and even accessing video time skipping etc. has become a problem, voiceover keeps skipping to ad content and other info.



Submitted by Remy on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

I use youtube quite often on my Iphone XR with IOS 14.4 and the latest Youtube app version. I have no problems personally. I actually didn't know swiping up with two fingers took you to the search eara. Perhaps I will try that. Play/pause, rewind and fast forward all work. It will at times skip you to an ad, but I think those happen at pre-determined parts during a video. It's annoying, but that's Youtube these days. There was that issue last year where phone audio would be redirected to the iPhone speaker instead of whatever bluetooth headset you were using, but that's long since been fixed.

Thanks for your Feedback. Those ads are a pain, but since my latest update of youtube app, I also often can't easily skip add, when I try swipe right to "Skip Ad" it jumps me into ad content where I can view advertisers web site etc. Maybe if I hear the ad, and wait for 5 seconds, I should just be able to double tap with one finger anywhere on the screen, as usually VO says "Skip Ad" is selected as default.
Also I find when going to Search, the youtube keyboard is not reading me all the keyboard letters and not allowing me to type, so I have to turn VO off, then touch quickly on bottom right to enable dictation, then I just voice my search and tap the screen again., it always used to work before. Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall YouTube?

Submitted by nohansa nuh on Monday, February 8, 2021

hy, maybe you can try re install youtube.
I have no problem with the youtube app, iM using iPhone XR with iOS 14.5 beta.
even though when on ios 14.4 I not see A problem.