Wordpress for iOS: How to break lines writing a post?

iOS & iPadOS

Hello, I have a personal blog and am using WordPress for iOS with Block Editor enabled.
The trouble is I cannot break lines; pressing the Enter key, or two fingers right swipe in braille input keyboard, it creates a new paragraph; but as my blog contains stories where characters are often talking, I cannot create a new paragraph for every sentence a character says.
In desktop, I do it with shift+Enter - this creates a br html tag; but what about iOS? Now the only workaround I found is to use the HTML editor, with full code, but in iOS it's very simple to break the code, because of touch screen itself - for example a "select all" performed by mistake or too many words selected which go to break the code.
Please let me know if some blogger is here to help! A sighted person suggested me a context menu with an "insert" options pops up when you touch with 2 fingers, but unfortunately this sighted person does not know VO gestures at all!