Withings-Healthmate app accessible under Voiceover?

iOS and iPadOS

Hi guys,

just get a Amazon giftcard from my friends and I'm just suggest to purchase a Withings smart scale. I heard it imports all revelant dates in Apples Health app.
The transformation of all these dates is for me an important thing, because I want a acurate view of my dates.
So my question is, can I purchase the Withings smart scale without get accessibility issues with the Withings-Healthmate app?



Submitted by John McCann on Friday, October 18, 2019

Yes, purchase the Withings scale; you'll be fine as the associated app is fully accessible; leastways it was as of mid September. The biggest challenge you may face is positioning your bare feet on the scale properly as this is necessary in order for it to measure all of its biometrics.

Thanks for the nice and acurate answer, but I've two questions:
I just installed the Healthmate app and noticed some unlabelt labels. So my question is, is there easy to deal with it? Is handling still possible?
And second, as you mentioned, is it easy to learn as a blind person to positionate your foots?

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