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Greetings: I'm sorry if something like this was posted previously, but I have searched for topics of this nature before posting, and haven't found anything that describes my particular problem. I have an interesting issue that I have noticed lately on my phone. Whenever I have the phone locked, after a while, the WiFi turns off. I know this because when I look at my status bar on my lock screen, it says nothing. it doesn't give me any indication that it's receiving a signal. Also, none of my notifications work like they should. However, when I unlock the phone completely, everything comes right back on line again. This seems also to be an issue when my phone is in Airplane mode, since I put it in this mode while I'm at work, but turning on the WiFi only of course. Also, it seems to have started up in the past couple of weeks. Now, if I'm streaming music and the phone is locked, it doesn't seem to be an issue. In short, if the phone is in airplane mode, but I'm using the WiFi, I have to keep the phone unlocked in order to continue receiving a signal. Has anyone else experienced this little bug, or is this some sort of new power saving feature in iOS7? I have an iPhone 4S, running the latest iOS7 software. Thanks.



Submitted by Serena on Friday, December 13, 2013

hi, no, this has actually always been going on, to one extent or another. you will find, that if you first press your home key to wake it up, and display the lock screen, instantly checking the status bar, will show either no WiFi connection, or if you have your mobile data turned on, your 3g or 4g connection. then, if you wait a few seconds, say about 5 or 10 seconds, it should then show the WiFi connection again. iPhones have in fact generally always disconnected the WiFi to one level or another while in sleep mode. if this is not the case, and if it stays disconnected continually even with the lock screen open, then you may want to do a reset on your network settings. that usually fixes any little quirks. failing that, contact apple.

Submitted by WildmanJoe on Friday, December 13, 2013

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Cool thanks. Maybe it's just something I didn't notice until just a few weeks ago for whatever reason. I've had an iPhone since feb of 2011, and am just now noticing this thing. *grins* if need be, I'll reset the network settings. Thanks much