Which RSS reader would people recommend?

iOS and iPadOS
I'm looking for something that will handle Wordpress, Blogger, Blogspot, and other blogging services, as well as regular news sites, such as AppleVis and Lifehacker, etc. I've seen a lot of RSS reader app entries posted on this site, and have no idea how to choose one over the rest. I downloaded Newsify, but have also heard good things about Liri, Feedler, and others. How on Earth do i choose between them? Which one should I grab? Any opinions? Why do you like one over the other? If you have a favorite, why do you like it? Have you used more than one of these readers, and which do you like overall, and why? Sorry for the redundancy. (Is that even a word?) Anyhow, any info on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Shersey



Submitted by Larry Thacker Jr. on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I may not be the best one to comment, since I'm not a heavy RSS user like I once was. However, the efficiency with which Lire fetches and organizes feeds and the author's detailed attention to the needs of Voiceover users make it hard to beat. It's biggest shortcoming is that there is no way to import a feed list from another source. Each feed has to be manually added either by direct entry of the URL or by having the app search a site for feeds.

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