What happened to FB with update?

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Hello All, What the heck happened to the FB app after the latest update. Has it been rendered totally inaccessible now? I'm interested to hear your thoughts. I cannot even read my newsfeed anylonger, or I don't know how to with this latest update...one of the two. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. -Andrew-



Submitted by TheresaT on Monday, November 5, 2012

I am also experiencing difficulty! I cannot access my friends list - well, at least I can no longer use voice over with it... No way to search for friends. It used to speak the names on the friends list but it does not work any more. It also used to read a post back to me so I can check if it is correct before sending, but it will ont do that anymore, either. Quite convoluted!

Submitted by pammyj55kc on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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I too, noticed it will not read comments bacck as they are written. However, they did fix the friends list. I will trade anything to get access to my feriends list. That was not nice to have my friends list inaccessible. It seems to be better than it was.

Submitted by Maya on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Hi people, I do not want to spread the rumours, but I have just read the twitter post from the local server (here in Slovakia) informing people about news regarding different types of phones and phone applications and they say many people (iphone users) complainn that facebook app update is quite a disaster. They say in some cases it might delete your friends and groups. They do not recommend to update until the bug will be fixed.

Submitted by Felix on Saturday, November 10, 2012

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Dear pammyj55kc, could you please enlighten us, how to use friends list? IN 5.1 version it says that I have no friends yet. What should we do to regain friends list? thank you in advance

Hi folks, I am using an iphone 4s running fb 5.1. Your friends should be on the main page when you launch the fb app. You need to move your finger down the page from favorites, through messages, news feed etc. When you see friends, double tapp it. It should take you to your friends list. In the previous update friends photos were more pronounced. They seem to have gone back to the list format while still using friends photos, it is again accessible.

Submitted by Riley on Saturday, November 10, 2012

I haven't had any problems with the latest update at all. I'm able to read everything just fine.

Submitted by pammyj55kc on Saturday, November 10, 2012

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It seems we take one step forward & 2 steps back at times with accessibility. Currently, the fb app is usable. One would think if fb & twitter access are baked in to the IOS & Mac software that Apple could hold these companies to a standard of accessibility native to their apps. I'm thankful this iteration is usable. I should not have to worry about whether future updates will be.

the Facebook app is accessible, to the point of being annoyingly verbose. for example, on every item in your new feed, it says the following: 2-finger double tap to like, share, or comment on this story. a bit much isn't it?