What can iOS offer to the more intrepid blind traveler?

iOS & iPadOS

I just posted a long review of the current version of iExit on its app directory page at:

I would like to know much more about taking trips with iOS. I know about Judy Dixon's travel apps book but I'd like to hear from regular contributors who have also tried travel apps while taking trips. By travel, I don't mean using BlindSquare to find a starbucks, but more ambitious stuff, like driving across country as I described in the review I just posted.

So if you've taken a long greyhound, Amtrak or road trip, if you've been on a cruise and used your iDevice, or if you just went to a brand-new city with a variety of navigation apps in your app switcher, your personal travel experiences, what worked and didn't would be fascinating.

We all know how to use our iDevices mostly now; so long-time readers like me want to know what is and isn't working well for others. I love reading about the newest aqpps and newest cool stuff from Apple, but even more than that, I want to get more use out of what I've already bought.

Please blog about it!