What are some affordable, Accessible, and convenient GPS apps for iPhone?

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What are some accessible, afortable, and helpfull gps apps? I currently have map quAny suggestions or helpfull thoughts will be appreciated.est, but that uses up cellular data. I've heard of some good apps like motion X Drive, but that requires a subscription and therefore not really afortable. I've also heard of navigon which I'm not sure if its 100% accessible or responsive as map quest because it needs a direct access to satelites as possible.



Submitted by season on Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hi there, It depends on what you try to achieve and what you use the most for. I mean, either to use it as a guiding point, or to use it for navigation purposes. try Ariadne GPS. It was around $4.99 when i perchase it, sometime early last year. It is one of the most accessibil and accurate GPS apps i found. I did a comparecent not so long ago, with Humanware Breeze, and also Captain+. I also did a comparecent with the build in Maps as well. I compare it over in a walking rute and also on a bus rute. I use it in quite a regular bases. In many way, i prefer it over the build in maps, and other stand alone gps e.g. Humanware Breeze etc. Good luck

Hi Juan I suggest to you wait for iOS 6 that it's comming out soon, I readed on apple.com very good accessibility features. GPS, voiceOver, etc. http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/ I have many GPS apps as: senderoGPS, and many more . However if you want buy a good GPS App: Accessible, easy to use, go for Ariadne GPS The price is US $5.99 on the app store.

Hello If you know how to use Ariadne GPS you can work with both, walking about driving does not has turn Navegation how ever it let you know the streets, intersection, cities, zip codes, speed, current location and more features. Personally Ariadne works on both sides

Submitted by blind fury on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Hi, Ariadne was very good for the price, until iOS6 came along and although it works, some features, like the exploring map tool have now been disabled. We were supposed to get an update in a matter of days according to the software manufacturer but nothing yet. I am toying with the idea of a refund and trying BlindSquare instead. There doesn't appear to be much information out there about whats happened to ariadne, or many reviews from blindsquare users as to if its ok with iOS6. Some users have reported ariadne working ok with iOS6 iphone4s, which still isn't that helpful to me as I only have the iphone 4. Meanwhile i'm still waiting for Ariadne update, or perhaps a Blindsquare demo on youtube.

Submitted by Tj on Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For me, Navigon is accessible enough for my purposes. It works well enough -- if there is a request for it I'll do a podcast on it, somehow. One thing I wil state about it, though, is you can not get a turn by turn, blow by blow, accessible root guide. So in order to counteract this, I look up my destination on GOogle Maps, and I keep an eye out for especially the side of the street the destination is on. THe reason I do this is because I've had to walk an extra half mile or so, causing me to hate technology with a pation, to cross an extremely busy street at a light. Then, I had to turn back around, and walk the half mile back to the destination. So if you're cautious and plan your rot out a little, it works out in the end. Even use apple maps for this -- all I look for is a list of directions, and let navigon do the guiding. I don't much care for streets near me, and if I do, then eryn gps is indeed the best app to use in conjunction. I've heard good things about the what's around me app from, ehr, they escape me right now -- it'll probably come to me as I post this.