What are people particularly liking in iOS 7?

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With this site being a little taken over by talk about bugs in iOS 7, I thought that it might be nice to have a slightly more positive thread to offer some relief from the negativity. So, I was curious to hear what others particularly like about this update. For me, it has to be the App Switcher. It is simply a joy to use. I also have to admit that the new spirit level (or at least I hadn't noticed it if it were present in iOS 6) has kept me mildly amused as I go around the house checking pictures and whatever else takes my fancy.



Submitted by Joe on Friday, September 20, 2013

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Itunes radio, controll center, and siri improvements. I also like unlimmeted folders.

My favorites would be iTunes Radio and the improvements to the app switcher. I kinda like the new Control Center too.

Submitted by Kyle on Friday, September 20, 2013

i second the first post. also i like control center, but i wish it had a settings button on the control center

Submitted by RLH on Friday, September 20, 2013

I'd echo what others have said about the control center, app switcher, and iTunes radio. I also like the new lock screen. Background multitasking is an under-publicized improvement that I think is really nice as well.

Submitted by Jen on Friday, September 20, 2013

I was hoping ITunes Radio would be good, but after the Ping experience three years ago, I wasn't sure what we'd see. But Apple surprised me in a great way with the radio. The genre stations are fantastic, kudos to the station curators! Once I figured out how to fine-tune the personalized stations, I think this app will easily compete with Pandora or any other streaming music service. I love the control center too; it makes switching airplane mode off and on a snap when i'm using the Sleep Cycle app. I'm not sure what this feature is called, but I love the "smart refresh" idea, where IPhone knows to check certain apps at the time you would normally use them. I think the new app switcher is faster too. And finally, I LOVE the fact that you can two-finger double-tap in a message field, and start the "dictate" feature when you're texting. There may be a bug or two, but Apple has given me a better product, and I'm extremely happy with it!

Submitted by Katie P on Friday, September 20, 2013

I love the new app switcher! The ability to have do not disturb take effect even with the screen unlocked is quite nice as well. Like others, I also really enjoy iTunes Radio! The ability to download more than one high quality voice is great as well.

Hi! Great to see a positive forum thread about IOS 7, after reading so much lately about bugs, downgrading, and other slightly negative stuff. I haven't had IOS 7 for 24 hours yet at the time of writing this comment, but I can already say that there are several things Ilike about it. The new app switcher is so much easier to use than the old one, no more double-tapping and holding then double-tapping again, and I also like the fact that we can download as many enhanced voices as we like (provided we have the space for them), plus it's good that folders can contain far more than twelve apps each now, and of course I mustn't forget the excellent Control Centre and the fact that we can do so much more with Siri now than we could before. Roll on the day that iTunes Radio goes international: that sounds great too, but it's not yet available in France: hopefully it will be one day, reasonably soon!

Definitely have to jump on the bandwagon with the new app switcher. I'm also very happy about the fact that VO no longer reads notifications during phone calls (or so I'm told).

Submitted by Bandit on Friday, September 20, 2013

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I was hesitant to upgrade at first, but now that I have I quite like it. I'm a big fan of the new app switcher, control center, and one thing I've noticed is a significantly better battery life than IOS6.1.4 provided. I've put my phone [IPhone5] through it's paces over the last couple days since upgrading and I've been getting about 50 percent more battery life out of it when using LTE.

Submitted by Karina Velazquez on Saturday, September 21, 2013

The best for me is the way Siri interacts with all the functions of the iPhone for example when it activates and desactivates Wi-Fi and other characteristics of the device. Also speed of the dictation mode is wonderful

I like the ability to choose when I hear voiceOver's sound-effects. I agree with the other users regarding the other features. Also, regarding the lock screen, I like hearing no sound when I wake the iPhone up even with the sounds enabled. It was annoying hearing that sound just for the phone to announce it was awake when I wanted to check a notification. Regarding notifications, is it possible to silence VoiceOver without turning on any feature to silence the phone at all? I mean, when I disable the option to speak notifications in the lock screen, voiceOver still says "One notification." I would, for instance, like to hear the sound for a message, but I don't want to hear there is a notification all the time. Thanks.

Submitted by treky fan on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Like the previous posters, i really like the app switcher. The control center is really nice. my grandmother likes the flashlight. i also like itunes radio and siri's voice and the way it doesn't repeat what you told it before giving you what you want.

Hello, I pretty much like all of the new iOS 7 features. They can be a bit difficult to get used to them at first, but since I am an iOS beta tester, I was already used to them in the final release. I did have a question though. Has anyone found a way to remove premium voices on iOS 7? Just asking, in case of those times in which I might need to free up some space.

The feature I like most in IOS7 is handwriting mode. Much easier to find apps using it from the home screen or searching using spotlight search. I've not had chance to see if it works with the keypad. If it does then it would make dialling numbers a lot easier especially when calling autamated systems where you have to choose numbers for various options

Submitted by Jahmal on Sunday, September 22, 2013

I noticed nobody mentioned that appstore apps now update automatically. I like that a lot. Even though sometimes it can break the accessibility of an app, i'd rather have it auto update my apps then me having to go into the appstore everytime an update comes out. I like control cennnter, the new app switcher, lock screen, and siri as well. One thing i've noticed back when I was using my iPhone 5, I now have a 5s, was the speed of IOS7 was improved over IOS6 on the 5. For the 5S users, I also love the fingerprint scanner. One thing I like most about siri is the ability to turn Voiceover on and off by telllling siri to do it.

Submitted by Katie P on Sunday, September 22, 2013

One other really nice feature is the ability to redeem iTunes cards with the camera on the IOS device. I love that feature on the mac and am quite elated to finally see it in IOS!

Submitted by Mike Taylor on Sunday, September 22, 2013

I love the 'turn off sounds' function. I now have the ability to hear all general alerts with out the change focus sound. Also love the control centre.

Hello folks, I upgraded to IOS 7.0, on the day it came out, and this was while I was on a school network, that has a bad habbit of going haywire at sertain times of the day, lol. Well, the features I enjoy the most, are the new siri, the ITunes radio, I haven't used the flash lite, but I wonder if that would help scanning barcodes. THe ap switcher is like a lost bit treasure, as exiting aps is a breeze. I haven't noticed a big difference in battery life, so I wonder if I am missing something. Safari seems to be a lot more stable, and I like the way you can unlock things now! Congratulations to apple!

Submitted by Matt on Monday, September 23, 2013

In addition to what has already been mentioned, I really like that we can change the voice in Siri and the expanded capabilities. I feel like iOS7 runs faster on my iPhone 5 than iOS6 did.

Submitted by Clare Page on Monday, September 23, 2013

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Another excellent new feature which I have just discovered in IOS 7 today is the fact that you can set different voices to speak at faster or slower speeds than each other by default. This is particularly useful for me as a multilingual person, as I often feel I need the German voice to be slower than the English and French ones, so it's great to be able to have that speed change without having to change VoiceOver's speech rate manually every time I want to read something in German.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, September 23, 2013

My favorite features are iTunes radio and siri improvements.

Submitted by Crystal Bell on Monday, September 23, 2013

I am on board with everyone else as far as the appp switcher and the lock screen and control center and iTunes radio. I do also love the fact that apps update automatically. All and all this has been an impressive update, and I can't wait to see what is next. Way to go apple.

Submitted by Toonhead on Monday, September 23, 2013

Hi. I'm glad to see such a positive thread going here. I have to say my very favorite thing about iOS 7 is the fact that if you get a notification during a phone call, VoiceOver stays silent! I can't begin to tell you guys the number of times I've had to ask someone to repeat themselves due to VoiceOver chatting away at itself. So this is a great thing at least for me. I also really like the control center, lock screen and app switcher too.

Submitted by brandon armstrong on Monday, September 23, 2013

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hi all, a few things I love about iOS 7 are itunes radio and the ability to redeme itunes giftcards via our cameras. speaking of which, how do we do this with the phycial cards? which way do we have to hold the card to redeme the codes? I also like the new notification center, but wish there was a clear all instead of having to clear each notification one at a time. maybe we can write to apple to see if they can put this in in a future update.

Submitted by Azhar Karim on Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Liked the new large cursor, appswitcher is also nice.

Submitted by Callum on Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My favourite features in iOS 7 are the new app switcher, I use the control center a lot more than I thought I would aswell. I wasn't a massive fan of the new unlock button at first but got used to it now. I also love having apps updated automatically. Talking of automatic updates, does anyone know how to remove the previous updates? Because they've all updated fine but when I go into the app store I have a list of all the apps that have been updated since 19 September.