WeWALK Application has been updated with new features! We are curious about your comments and feedbacks

iOS and iPadOS
Hello everyone,

When the WeWALK had first come out, we had shared our excitement with you about it on this forum.
Today, we would like to inform you about what has happened since then and about the new developments.
*First of all, if you don't have a cane, you can test all the features. We are waiting for your comments after trying.
Click here to download the app.
  • Navigation 2.0: WeWALK has started to offer both a clock face and turn-by-turn navigation experience together. You can travel with the WeWALK App without needing more than one single app to go from one place to another. Moreover, with its low vision friendly map, it now offers a better experience for everyone.
  • Explore Mode: When you activate this feature, WeWALK will announce the nearest popular place as you walk and you will be able to learn its clock face direction and distance from you as the crow flies.
  • The WeWALK Assistant (BETA): With the voice assistant feature that will be available with the new version of the app, you will be able to perform many functions such as starting navigation to your desired location and connecting the WeWALK to your phone with your voice. This feature is still in development and as always, you can share your suggestions with us.
  • Public Transportation: With the WeWALK, you can see the public transportation stops near you in 1500 cities and learn the buses that pass through those stops.
  • What’s Around Me: With the WeWALK, you can find out the places around you and list them by category, and among those places get navigation to wherever you want.

As always, you can send your suggestions about the new version to us at hello@wewalk.io.
You can also visit to access the WeWALK's up-to-date user manual.