Welcome to a new, more accessible Discord

iOS and iPadOS

Hello everyone.
Discord. Many people in the blind community have heard of it. Many people in the blind community, at least to my knowledge, consider its accessibility to be... laughable, at best. But let me tell you a story.
In late may I posted to Discord's forums, advocating for the need for increased accessibility. Within a day my post had gotten over forty upvotes from the community.
You can find the post here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360043674232-Di…
Shortly thereafter I joined the Discord beta testing program for iOS, and with the help of a sighted individual who was familiar with voiceover, we began compiling a ticket with every single unlabeled element and voiceover focus related issue. A process which is going to continue indefinitely as Discord updates, to ensure that blind users have equal access to the features Discord incorporates into their app.
You can find that here: https://trello.com/c/YV1NDxy8
Now, fast forward three months and very little has been heard about accessibility from Discord at all.
That is, however, until version 3.1.1 dropped to the public four days ago. A relatively minor update for most people except for the fact that in the release notes, this little nugget was included.
"Improved the accessibility labeling around the app to make using VoiceOver easier."
Surprisingly, Discord waited until the actual release to include this. I saw no evidence they were working on it in the beta. However I can confirm that the app is, thanks to these labels, a fair bit easier to use.
Is everything labeled?
Sadly no. Not at this time. However as I have indicated above, with the help of my bug finder partner we are continuing to test features in the beta to ensure that as they are added to Discord they are accessible, and Discord has taken notice of that already. Recently a new user action sheet was introduced in chat windows. An action sheet which has a labeled element voiceover users can use to dismiss it, even though nothing is labeled as such to the naked eye.
So what now?
I am only one blind person, who uses Discord in one way. I am certain that other people use it in different ways. I am certain that you use it differently than I, should you use Discord at all. Which is why I would like to invite you, as a blind person, to help shape the app for others like yourself going forward.
But how?
To get started, you will need to join the Discord Testers server, which you can do so by going here: https://discord.gg/discord-testers
To register for the actual iOS beta (works on both iPhone and iPad at present and as well as in iOS 13) go here and follow the instructions: https://dis.gd/testflight
Hope to see you there!
Have questions? I will be monitoring this thread and will respond to any difficulties you may encounter as promptly as I can. Should you wish to find me on Discord though, simply ping Gar.



Submitted by Gabriel Oria on Friday, June 4, 2021

I use discord a lot on windows mac android and ios. It isn't that bad in terms of accessibility, but there is a lot of room for change and making things better. I find using discord on android works slightly better than ios, but they both work great for me.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, June 5, 2021

Actually it's working much better on iOs. they are fixing more and more problens every beta build taht comes out, and the team are wonderful to deal with now.