weird loud swishing sound on the IPhone6s

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all
I often hear a loud swishing sound and I was wondering what this sound means. It must be one of voice over's sounds. This sound plays when I unlock my screen. it plays twice. When I press home to unlock my phone, I hear a loud swish. then after unlocking my phone, about 2 seconds later another loud swish. Does anyone knows what this swishing means? If I can understand what it means, it won't irritate me as much.
Many thanks for any help.



Submitted by Alan on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

This sound indicates that reachability has been activated. IIt happens when you touch slightly the touch id sensor, like a double tap, without really pressing the button, just touching.
This mode slides the top of the screen down, allowing the user to reach the top of the screen with only one hand.
It automatically recovers its initial state after 30 seconds or so.
Can be disabled from the accessibility settings, I think.