Weather Gods 2.4.2 Released

iOS and iPadOS

Hi All,

Some updates from us ...

2.4.2 is released today and mainly focussed on

1. Some improvements to the sounds e.g. crickets have been turned down a bit
2. Volume sliders for sunrise and sunset in the weather sound settings
3. Magic tap to exit the weather wheel - in addition to the magic tap to enter the weather wheel
4. Fixed some crashes for iOS12 users
5. Fixed and tweaked thunder sounds on the weather wheel
6. Fixed some issues with dynamic type setting not being honoured
7. Tweaked various places where we show rain, thunderstorms etc including the watch complications
8. Some new bird sounds :)
9. Italian localisation updates
10. Spanic localisation updates

In other news, we have AerisWeather integrated into the main app, widget, watch and Siri. It's generally going well but we have found a few bugs with the data and some accuracy issues with UK and Europe.

The AerisWeather (AW) team are very responsive (compared to IBM) and I communicate daily with them about bugs we found and when we can expect them fixed.

As a reminder, IBM will terminate our contract on November 15th this year. This means anyone who has not upgraded to our AW release will lose access to weather data, including notifications and weather alerts.

I'm hoping to release in two stages:

Stage 1: AerisWeather for the main app, widget, watch and Siri. Notifications and Weather Alerts still from IBM.

The expected release data for this is 3rd / 4th week in September, barring no major problems with AW

Stage 2: This will be an update in mid October where we switch all notifications and weather alerts to use AW

I was planning on restricting the release to iOS13, but realised this would cut off some of our iOS12 users from weather data.

Thus, we will support iOS12 for the remainder of this year and look to end support early 2021. The app should still continue to function but wont receive new features.

The reasoning behind this is the code base is becoming somewhat complicated with support for iOS12, iOS13, soon to be iOS14 and the new Mac silicon launching end of this year. Yes, we hope to be able to run Weather Gods on the new Macs. WG has been accepted into the program by Apple and I should be getting my developer kit in the next week or so.

Please let anyone you know who uses WG to update to latest versions and keep watch for the AW update. Half of our users are still on WG 2.3.

Many thanks to our beta testers who helped test 2.4.2 and those who are helping with the AerisWeather testing.




Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, August 27, 2020

Great job. I think iOS 14 will be coming on September since beta 6 came out yesterday. Are you going to update the widget so it can be added to the home screen?I am planning to update also to OS 7, when it comes out in September.

Submitted by Weather Gods (Scott) on Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hi Holger,

I hope so but first Apple need to be able to allow me to build for iOS14. My Mac and iOS14 are not playing well together. A few other developers with the same problem - I guess there are always a few who are unlucky.