Weather Gods 1.7.4

iOS and iPadOS

Hi All,

Just a small update appearing on the app store shortly ...

1. We have improved the location tracking of the watch complication when running a GPS location. As a result of the tweaking, you should find the follow me notifications a little more reliable as well.

2. The weather not updating when resuming the app has been fixed.

3. Finally, the GPS location in the app will also update when the app is resumed.

Just a quick reminder ... to enable the watch complication in GPS mode:

1. Launch the WG watch app
2. Swipe into the Places screen
3. Wait for your current GPS to be located
4. Double tap to select and load the GPS place
5. Exit the app, effectively locking the location to the GPS
6. As you move around, the watch complication will update location and weather.
7. The large modular complication can include the location name as part of its readout. It can be configured in the watch app on the phone, under the Weather Gods complication settings. I hope to include it in the other voiceover complications in the next update.

Hopefully, you will like the update. Any feedback, bug reports etc, please email us or send us an email using the feedback link in WG settings.

Have a good weekend everybody!