Weather Gods 1.7.1

iOS & iPadOS

Hi All,

This release should be hitting the store shortly and hopefully fixes the notification problem.

Important: this is the first update from our new company Weather Gods Ltd. We've had many issues trying to get the update to the store. I'll try and describe the process and then the problem we have had.

The app is transferred by Apple from the old company to the new company. Each app has a 'key' which is used to store data such as settings and notifications. When the app is transferred, the key is supposed to go with it. Well, our old key came along but iOS refused to recognise it. We raised a support case with Apple to fix. As of today, we still don't have a fix.

What does this mean? Well, it's possible that the new app can't unlock the settings and notifications data using it's new key. This unfortunately might mean setting everything back up again.

However, please try the update first before resorting to a reinstall - we might be lucky.

There are also some other changes which I forgot to include on the what's new :)

1. The trigger distance for follow me notifications can be customised by going to the Weather Gods settings in the device settings (not in our app). You can choose the distance for which a notification is generated.

2. Voiceover weather wheel hourly summary now includes the humidity level.

3. There is a refresh button on the places screen on the Apple Watch app which can be used to initiate a transfer of favorites from the phone to the watch, should there be synchronisation problems.

Once again, I can only apologies for the problems over the last couple of days and for any which we might be about to experience!

Don't forget, if you have any problems at all or need some additional help, then please email as at and we will do our best to help.

Thank you for your patience


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