A way to manually adjust the speech rate of apple’s own voices, aka, alex, victoria, fred.

iOS & iPadOS

If any of you iPhone users use the alex, victoria, or fred voices, there is a hiden feature, adjusting the speech rate during reading. I have tested this feature in the pronunciations sections. It seemed to work well. I also figured out the scale in which you can adjust the rate. 0 to 200 is 0 To 40%. 300 to 1000 is 60 to 100%. If you’d like me to post an example of how it looks slash sounds, contact me using my contact form.
I can tell you exactly how to Write this. This trick only works on iOS. First, find a blank textfield. Then type left bracket left bracket space rate space 100 space right bracket right bracket, then type your text. If you want to make additional rate changes, follow the steps above, but with a different value. Make sure to follow this syntax, or the trick will not work. As i have said, this only works on iOS.