A way to convert text to Image or Audio to video for social media?

iOS & iPadOS

FOr posting to social media, we need more Pics and videos, so am asking if there is a way that i can type a text and an app can convert to Image with good results?
Also, if i have an audio, what app should i use to convert it to VIdeo? i can provide the image, but how can i put it on my audio?



Submitted by peter on Friday, January 8, 2021

I would guess that you could enter the text into the Notes app and do a screen shot. I get lots of screen shots of text from sighted friends. Fortunately the image recognition in iOS these days will convert the image back to text again so that I can read it!

for the video I would try importing the audio into iMovie and then adding whatever image or picture you want. I have never tried that but assume it can be done.