Watching foreign movies with sighted family

iOS & iPadOS

Hi, I sometimes watch foreign movies or shows with my parents. Our Apple Tv is too old to have Voiceover on it, and even if it did, they wouldn't want to hear the subtitles read out, so my best solution is manually synching up my phone with the TV and listening to the subtitles through headphones. This mostly works, but it's super annoying when I get out of synch, and also, it can be hard to hear which character is speaking since the subtitles are read in one voice. I could get another Braille display, but when I had one, I found that sometimes the subtitles would scroll too quickly and it was also easy to get out of synch. Is there a better solution to what I'm already doing? If not, it would be a great feature for Apple TVs if they could route Voiceover speech to someone's headset so that the whole family wouldn't have to hear VO. They could do this for audiodescription as well. This wouldn't help me right now, but would be an incentive to get a new Apple TV.