Warning possible major bug with iOS 14.5

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Hi All,

This maybe just me as there is nothing on here. However, with iPhone 11 iOS 14.5 it is now almost impossible to use airplay. The ability to control the external speaker volume is now tied to the phone. So you cannot have the speaker quite loud say %100 as you're phone speaks at that same level. So if using external speaker voiceover now is at full volume. The side buttons now control the volume which can't be right and you cannot change this anywhere. It used to be the external volume did not affect VO. Not now. Using the phone whilst connected to airplay now is very loud and obviously not useable. Anyone else seeing this?



Submitted by Tanya Harrison on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

I've had a similar issue, being unable to change the volume of phone calls on my Airpods Pro. Just as well I have some Sony headphones as they're behaving admirably.

Submitted by Mister Kayne on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Well after I updated to IOS 14.5 the first bug I noticed is that all the voices I had set for my Shortcut alerts had been changed to South Africa Tessa; Earlier it was Siri Male; South Africa. On checking each Shortcut and Automation I had to change the voice to Siri 1 now to get back the same voice which was South Africa English/ Siri Male. I don't use the feature of airplay with my phone just connect to an BlueTooth receiver connected to my music player. May be later today I will try that out and see if there is any such change