Wanted Auto announce intersections gps!

iOS & iPadOS
I want a map or gps to auto announce intersections as coming up to them before passing them on city bus. I tryed Ariadne GPS & NAVIGON MobileNavigator North America. You can set Ariadne to announce every 10 seconds but it will not say cross streets unless you turn on them. The maps on ios6 do announce cross streets but not all of them. Any help would be appreciated. Mike



Submitted by Sandra on Sunday, October 28, 2012

BlindSquare announces intersections. However, it uses OSM data, so it'll depend on the quality of the OSM data of your area if it'll announce each and every intersection..

As Sandra says, BlindSquare will do this. However I find it works much better when walking. When on the bus, the app sometimes says I am moving too fast.

Submitted by Adam on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Does anyone have any resources for a Blind Square "walk thru" & "how to use" podcast &/or tutorials? I'm interested in the app, but before I spend the money, I want to have a better idea of how it works, how well the navigation does when walking, if it will really work in doors, etc. I've checked "utube", "Googled" with key words for Blind Square podcast, tutorial, etc. & haven't found what I'm looking for to date. Appreciate any assistance, suggestions, etc. from everyone. Thanks.